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United Nations Award

United Nations Award

Throughout the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the UN Millennium Campaign had the pleasure of hosting the Peoples’ Voices Challenge Award Ceremony at the We the Peoples Hub. The Peoples’ Voices Challenge Awards is a celebration of the work of the hundreds of partners at the United Nations who gave voice to those who don’t often get a say in global conversations.

Data visualization is not normally the first thing you would think of when talking about empowering marginalized communities, but Popily is not your average data analytics firm. ...

Watch my TEDxPDX 2015: Diversity of Thought

Phew! And here it is. 3000 people, I was nervous - but it unfolded perfectly! Thank you to Mike Pacchione, Allen Harding, David Rae, Vince LaVechhia, and all those friends and family members who helped me make this happen. 


One Simple Fact - Steve Jobs' Vision of the World

Steve Jobs tells us about a discovery he made that changed the way he looked at the world.


  • Music: Keith Kenniff - Clemency
  • Narration: Steve Jobs with thoughts on life and failure
  • Inspiration: Max Schlickenmeyer - The Most Astounding Fact (Neil deGrasse Tyson, HD)