Reminder - Go Jump in The Sea!


When I was working on my first company, surfing and yoga saved me from insanity.


A daily swim in the ocean was guaranteed to wash away the millions of trivial little anxieties and give me the presence of mind to focus on the most important things.

For all of us hyper-connected passionate people who love their work so much that we forget to take care of our human-selves: Go now to your local woods, oceans, rivers, mountains, and lakes. Don't take your gadgets (well maybe just one ;) and come back with clarity, focus, and balance.

It has been heart-breakingly too long since I've long-boarded - almost 4 years now since my daily morning meditation in the sea. Such a powerful way to start the day, I would be ready for anything the world threw at me after a morning paddling around on my board. Even if I coasted on just one smallish, long-ish left I would feel like I've won the day -- everything else that happened in the rest of the day was extra credit. Gave me a wonderful sense of optimism through the trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur. 

Only problem is, the waves here in Oregon are just a wee bit colder than I can handle.
I know where my next vacation will be...