Workforce Development Through Tech Inclusion

The existing tech startup landscape faces some very real challenges that will shape the industry in coming years. One of the biggest is a high demand for talent paired with a very narrow funnel of trained developers, designers, and UX experts. Vidya believes that addressing the lack of diversity in the industry can bridge this gap. If we teach a wider pool of people practical digital skills, we can build an engaged and resilient talent base. 

Vidya is co-founding a new brick-and-mortar Tech School with a focus on diversity, based on a proven model, that will develop the digital workforce of tomorrow.

The project will:

  • Help meet the demand for qualified and diverse designers, UX experts, and front-end developers.

  • Provide companies with training and services to improve their ability to attract and retain diverse candidates.

  • Develop workforce skills and opportunities in the tech industry for qualified minority and underrepresented communities.

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