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Vidya Spandana is a seasoned executive with a 23-year track record of pioneering innovations. Currently serving as the Global GM of Nike Valiant Labs, Vidya has transformed this unit into a digital innovation muscle for Nike Inc., leading the charge in revolutionizing wellness and sports experiences globally.

Vidya's career is defined by her relentless pursuit of innovation, guiding tech startups, Fortune 50 corporations, non-profits, and government agencies into the future. She's led global teams in launching numerous groundbreaking innovations, offering a blueprint for transformative change.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through her co-founding of New Knowledge, an AI-powered cybersecurity startup combatting disinformation. She's also made a significant impact in the public sector, serving as a Presidential Innovation Fellow under the Obama Administration, focusing on leveraging open data and partnerships for economic growth in impoverished regions.

In her undergraduate years, Vidya co-founded, rapidly turning it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Her early venture pioneered content publishing platforms, serving over 110 million Americans annually.

A sought-after public speaker on innovation, Vidya's passion resonates across diverse audiences globally, including academia, startups, venture capital, corporate, NGO, and government sectors.

Vidya Spandana is more than an executive; she's a catalyst for change, an innovation advocate, and a passionate explorer of life's dimensions.

Beyond her professional life, Vidya finds solace in nature, enjoying hiking and swimming with loved ones. She's an explorer of art and non-duality, with experiences in wellness retreats and intentional communities worldwide. These adventures led to her development of NVL's wellness investment thesis, an exploration she shares in her TEDx PDX talk.



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